A few words from Amie... 

"I once attended a lecture given by George Lucas and one thing he said that particularly resonated with me was "The path to success is not a straight line". I hope he is right….As I am defining who I am as a designer, I find myself pulling from all corners of the zig zag path I have traveled that has led me to where I am today. I can see evidence of my Northern California outdoor upbringing, the harder edge I attribute to my time living on the East Coast, and the love of costuming I discovered in LA. With each turn I have found a new skill or style that has worked its way into my design aesthetic. While there are moments in design or construction I could talk about that inspire me, I think more what drives me to pursue a career in fashion is the sense of empowerment you get when you put on your favorite item and feel ready for anything that your day (or night) may bring you. I love the way you can create a character for yourself with your wardrobe, that what you choose to put on your body may inspire a different mood or a new kind of confidence. I am inspired by the concept that what we choose to wear is our first chance to express who we are when we encounter another person in day to day life - it is our first opportunity or invitation for conversation with someone else. When looking at wardrobe from this perspective, fashion becomes a universal language in which we can all participate. I want to help people realize their voice as a participant in fashion and learn how to form a unique point of view."


Amie is currently working doing freelance design and styling in New York City.


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